What's New With "The Kickerboy?"

What' New With "The Kickerboy"?

6/6/98 - Life has been pretty rough for the past month. Classes are going haywire, my freetime is down to ZERO, and what little freetime I have, I spend it with my girlfriend. I know for a fact that this summer is going to be really hard. I have fallen in Love with Sarah, and it's going to be hard to be away from her. Hopefully, we can have a great week together before I go home, as well as a couple of visits furing the summer. I get to go to Wisconsin later in the summer, and I plan on taking her with me. Every once in a while, she will fall asleep on my couch, or my bed while I am studying at my desk or watching TV. She is a little freezer bunny, and I have nicknamed her "my little burrito" because she wraps herself into a nice little ball with my blankets, whenever she is cold. The library is closing in about 20 minutes, so I have to get out of here. In closing, I would like to mention that I have finally understood the phrase, "don't marry the one you can live with, but marry the one you can't live without!" God Bless! Until next time, Matt.

5/17/98 - Today is my sister's B-Day, and I have yet to give her a call because she has been in Detroit with her Lacrosse team. I have also been away, since Thursday I have been in the Allegheny National Forest with my Ecology Class. We camped and did studies in an environment unlike any that I had ever seen before! HUGE trees populated the area with such density, that it was extremely hard to walk through. I got to see my first porcupine! He was eating our "lean-to", while I was asleep outside less than 20 feet away from him. I also saw more chipmunks than I could ever imagine! The only downside to the trip was that there weren't any showers. When I got back this afternoon, I took a 35 min. shower!!! I almost ran out of hot water. I have an I-M softball game in about a half an hour, so I have to get going. I have a few friends that I need to e-mail. Talk to you later! Matt

5/9/98 - Well, I got home this morning at about 1:00 a.m. Although, before I came home, I did go and see a friend of mine that I have kept in contact with over the internet. When I saw her today, I thought that she was very funny. We laughed about the number of times that we had locked our keys in our cars. She seems like she is very smart. Every time I read her letters, she writes really well. She also articulates very well, too. And on top of all of that, she is very attractive, too. I don't think that we should have any problems in being great friends. I have to make sure that I can wake up at a decent hour tomorrow morning, I am going to do a little work on my truck. Talk to y'all later! Matt

5/8/98 - I got my last test back in Bio-Psych today! Personally, I thought that I had failed it. I got a 71%, and I like that grade a lot better than a 40. This is Mother's Day weekend, and I am going to go to my home in Columbus. The only problem is that my mom is in Mertyl Beach, SC. She is supposed to get home Saturday night, so at least I can have lunch with her on Sunday. This weekend, for me, is going to be spent catching up with old friends and seeing my family. I don't get to talk to my grandma too much, so it will be great to see her!!! As for now, I need to get going! I still have to pay my room deposit, as well as a couple other bills before I leave to go to work, and then home! Take care y'all! Have a great Weekend!!! MSN.

5/6/98 - Well, I am taking some time to kind of create a little diary of sorts, I really don't have time to e-mail ALL of my friends, so I am going to use this method in order to fill every one in. I had a Bio-Psych Test earlier today, and I have a Physics test and Ecology Quiz tomorrow. We started football conditioning today, and I was amazed at how well I did! I was not winded, although my leg muscles were fatigued. I woke up today and was really sore! In order to "work out" the soreness, I decided to go and kick a couple of footballs. My legs feel great now! I made a milestone gain earlier this week. I am a part of the century club, and through all of my hard work with staying in shape and being competitive, I have lowered my mile time to under 7 minutes. 6 min. 59 sec. to be exact! I was shocked when I looked at my stopwatch and saw the time. The fastest time prior to that was an 8 min. 00 sec mile that I ran when I was in 10th grade. I am finally getting to go home this weekend! It has been close to 6 weeks since the last time I saw the fam, (my dog, too). So I am excited about getting the chance to go home. If you want to find out what is up and coming with me and my life, stay tuned to this page. I will try to keep it as up to date as I can. I have to run now, so I will talk to y'all later! Love, Matt